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Harvest July, ship August, so order early.

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Garlic is Harvested in July and Cured for 30 days, so shipping begins after that. Also available for pick up or some deliveries.


spanish roja garlic

Hardneck varieties produce a flower stalk called a scape. The scapes can be harvested and eaten in a number of ways; they are delicious! The flowers eventually form bulbils that can be planted as seed but they will usually produce small round bulbs the first year that need to be replanted. Hardneck varieties include: Rocambole, Standard Purple Stripe, Glazed Purple Stripe, Marbled Purple Stripe, Porcelain, Asiatic, Turban Artichokes, and Creole subvarieties. Here’s a photo of the garlic tops and the resulting bulbils.

German White: (porcelain hardneck variety) German White Garlic is one of the most widely grown garlic. It stores well, has large size easy to peel cloves. The flavor is a full body taste with a little zing when eaten raw, but produces a very flavorful gentle taste when cooked. Great for pestos, pastas, sauces, and even roasted. Absolutely fabulous for garlic bread! READ ABOUT GERMAN WHITE GARLIC [click for info]

Spanish Roja(rocombole hardneck variety) This garlic has taken off and has started producing some good sized bulbs for us. It’s flavor is good and is best described as being a “true” garlic flavor. Averages about 8 cloves per bulb.

Northern White: (Porcelain) A very easy-to-grow hardneck garlic producing large bulbs with fat elongated cloves. The full-bodied spicy flavor makes it superb for roasting. Easy to peel. Stores well. Averages 6 cloves per bulb.

Music: (porcelain hardneck variety) The flavor is good, sweet and pungent, very hot when eaten raw. It is an Italian variety brought back to Canada by Al Music in the 1980s from his homeland. Averages about 5 cloves per bulb.


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