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large black hogs in mud hole


We just love our lazy days in the sun and our watering hole.

Under all that ear, is the sweetest face you've ever seen


Could some one Please turn on the lights,...I can't see a thing.

How do like this Ham?

Itchy and Sweetie Pie, two large Black Hogs

Rusty, showing off her Wattle and her beautiful eyes

1 to 3 months old, are reared in a seperate pens until spring pastures are ready.

All the girls run togeher.


Please..........Let me out!

Red Wattle Boar

Hey I want out of here.

Where's dinner?

See my Wattle?

Red Wattles, learning to eat hay.

Look at that!,


At that!

I don't see anything!

Well that's cause your ears are so big.


Pinky, a Detox 135, what a sow, she will be the main producer of our fair pigs.

Jockeying for space!

Learning to root.

A pile of Pigs!

Shirley: first litter of 13 piglets!

Winston one of our Large Blacks at 3 weeks old, had to live in the house for a bit, then got mad at us because we put him out with the pigs! How dare we do such a thing.!

Two day old Large Black Hog piglet


One Happy Mother with another Happy Mother

Happy Hogs, make Happy Pork!

Great Garlic, Great Pigs, and Great Poultry!



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