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Freya, with Crookie, who was very sick and had to come in the house for Christmas!




Watch Movie "Billy our Scottish Highlander Bull, so gentle"

large black boar in ditch

Boris, one of our boars, decided to get stuck in the new water line ditches

Typical Large Black Hog Piglets at 3 weeks. Hardy even in winter


New Friends

Once in a while the litttle bity babies, get to come in and get warm

Cody when he was six



Gretchen Harvesting Garlic

Not sure which one is uglier!!!


Orphaned piglet doing fine.

Canning from the Garden with Cousin Barb

Pigs on a new Field.

Heritage pigs are genetically built to live on greens, and actually grow from eating weeds!!!



Yummy Shoulder Roast. You won't get that red pork at the grocery store. This photo has NOT been altered.


Emily getting her daily milking.


Yetti, our new livestock dog.

CODY PICKING GARLIC SCAPES....ONLY 70,000 More to go Cody!

Reserve your garlic by June of each year, as we always sell out.

Summer ducklings

Boop taking a rest, after a hard days work.

Miles and Shirley, saying Hi.

"SIX" our 800 lb Red Wattle Boar






















Blonde as a baby

Ginger, the sweetest pig that ever lived.








Great Garlic, Great Pigs, and Great Poultry!



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